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Nepal Finsoft Company Ltd. is a public limited company promoted by Micro finance companies of Nepal with a mission to provide total technology solution to Micro Finance with modern banking tools and technology. Our focus is to be a leading service provider in the industry. Nepal is among the world’s poorest country and millions remain unbanked. That’s why Nepal Finsoft Co. Ltd. is passionate about providing its technology and expertise to help empower Nepal’s financial world. Empowered women. Financially educated communities. Strengthened financial prudence. A boosted economy. That’s what NFS’ technology, scale and expertise help to create in Nepal. We offer solutions that bring financial services to the millions of unbanked in Nepal, scale that reaches the most challenging areas, and technology that enables instant opening of bank accounts and interaction of bank officials with customers at any location.

With Finsoft Core Banking Solution (MicroFin360) for Microfinance banks, the MFI have the ability to serve the MicroFinance, MicroSavings products to its individual customers, customer groups. The Finsoft MicroFin360 Solution have been designed specifically keeping in mind requirements of microfinance organizations of Nepal to offer infield banking services through its network of agents, field officers and credit officers with POS, SmartPhone Banking Software to reach to the masses.

In typical MicroFinance, disbursement & repayments collection for group loans, caution money deposits are done through field officers. The major challenge the MFI's facing is that MFI does not have any control over the amount collected by agents and issuance of receipts and documents / certificates to the customer.

The FinsoftCBS Smartphone interface for MFI, automates the customer enrollment, loan disbursement & collection process based on efficient, foolproof and cutting edge technology that is designed to provide real time data merging with the CBS database.

This system gives a total control over the money disbursements or collections by the field officers, issuance of receipts to the customer. With SMS banking functionality, bank may ensure additional security by sending SMS confirmation of all on-field deposit transactions to registered cellphones of the customers. We believe our solution will overcome the challenges / limitations in the current on-field process of loan disbursement & collection. The MicroFinance Module together with Retail Banking Module offers complete solution to the banks offering MicroFinance and Retail Banking products to its customers.

Scope of Work

Nepal Finsoft Company Ltd. develop and manage an integrated MIS/Software services and provide the services to microfinance instituions of Nepal. The Company undertakes all maintenances duties for information technology requirements.


Expansion in the field of total solution in information technology and develop a strong base of key customers, to build good reputation in the field of Information technology become a key player in the industry.

Our Vision

To provide total solution services that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed clients. Powered by innovation, guided by integrity, deliver quality solutions to build The Digital Delta.

Mission Statement

To build long term relationships with our customers and clients and provide exceptional customer services by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology.

Core Values

we believe in treating our customer with respect & faith.We grow through creativity, invention and innovation. We integrate honesty, integrity & business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning.

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