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MicroFin 360

Microfin360 is a financial inclusion workflow driven Microfinance business solution which includes two modules, Management Information System (MIS) and Financial Information System (FIS). This has been developed to meet requirements of any financial institution, providing online real time synchronized financial business automation. Microfin360 drastically reduces the organization overall cost of reporting at branch and consolidation at area, zone, region or head office level by eliminating the need of resource expenditure, like paper, printing and shipping, human resource and entertainment cost.

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REMI 365

The Remi365 is a blockchain enabled web based application for remittance management. The system has been designed with following features:
Dashboard Driven, System User Management, Transaction Management, Money Transfer Operator (MTO), AML screening to keep you on the right side of anti-money laundering regulations, Fund transfer (GL account), BEFTN Outward Payment, RTGS Outward Payment, MFS Payment, Cash Payment, Reconciliation, Data Amendment and Cancel With Approval, Configuration and Integration, Administrative Module, Robust and reliable security system, Customizable and Parameterized Reports

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Pay 365

A smart phone based payment app to make payment easy, convenient and secure through your bank cards. Pay365 is replacing physical wallet, bank card, coupons etc. with additional features like- personal financial management, merchant info log, loyalty program and many more upcoming innovative offerings. For Merchants Pay365 is a Cashless, CRM, Financial Management, and Business Analytics tool that offers brand promotional platform i.e. loyalty program.

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Core Banking Solution

DataSoft is the Local Temenos T24 Implementation Partner in Bangladesh. Temenos T24 is one of the most popular and widely used banking applications in the world. In 2016 Temenos topped both IBS Intelligence league table and the Forrester pyramid, for sales of mission critical software for the banking and finance industry. Temenos for the last 13 years. We have built expert team of technical and business consultants for the implementation of T24 Core Banking Solution.

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The Velocity Financial Crime (FinCrime) Solutions Suite helps your organization to comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), and FATCA regulations with ease and simplicity. The solution uses multiple detection methods and advanced analytics engine to help institutions, large and small, achieve compliance while reducing risk. It aids you to assess the risks you face, stay compliant with ever changing regulations, and keep one step ahead of the criminals.

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Co Op 360

Enhance coverage and profitability; Stay abreast with the change; and get the most of your co-operative society Co-op360, a financial inclusion core banking software for co-operative sector is capable of providing a modern, secure, and scalable technology platform with comprehensive features. It has advanced features like social impact analysis, securitization, and handheld integration which greatly enhance profitability and business coverage for a cooperative society. The experience of implementations in different arenas and at diverse cooperative businesses has enriched our solution and made us a reliable solution

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Central Bank Reporting

The CBRS is providing not only reports; it is giving environment to develop any report as required by the banks as the data is available in database. It will also reduce load to Core Banking System which is an issue in the banks. Since banks have to meet various Regulatory, Operational and Management reporting requirements which are ever changing, we can provide service to meet the reporting requirements of the banks.

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i-SME plays a vital role in filling up the gap and match make between financial institutions and Micro Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME). i-SME is an automation platform that translates input data from MSMEs into usable output through our automation modules. The i-SME platform, at its most basic, is a services platform that (1) helps the Financial Institutes to identify the right set of Micro Small & Medium Enterprise (MSME) borrowers and (2) helps the Micro Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME) prepare for and navigate the complex loan process.

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Smart Payroll

Managing payroll is one of the complicated and challenging tasks of an organization. To mitigate this complication ‘Smart Payroll’ software can be an easy solution that gives you relief from the complex calculation and meets the requirements of any organization.

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Smart HRM

Managing human resource is one of the most significant and challenging task in an organization. To overcome this challenges ‘Smart HRM’ software can be a simple solution that gives you enormous benefit to your firms and meets the requirements of the business.

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Smart Accounts

Smart Accounts is a professional, invaluable service to our clients regardless of size. It will deteriorate the headache out of business accounting, such as automated entries, invoicing, bill payments, expense reports, financial reports and reconciliations.

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Smart Asset

Managing Company’s fixed assets can be challenging to view, control and time-consuming to keep record of its lifecycle. To overcome these challenges ‘Smart Asset’ software can be an easy solution that manages and organizes your fixed assets smartly within your business.

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Smart Benefit

Managing employees benefit package (i.e., Provident Fund, Gratuity Fund, WPPF, Welfare Fund, and Insurance) is one of the major puzzling tasks of an organization. To overcome this situation ‘Smart Benefit’ software can be an easy solution that gives you relief and makes the record transparent.

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